Friday, March 26, 2010

Longwood Gardens

Fantastic!!!  even if you are not a huge gardener or lover of digging in the dirt...this is an amazing place to visit!  The older kids had art classes & tours while Len, Jazmine & I got to tool around the gardens together.  Can't wait to go back in the summer to see all the roses in bloom & hundreds of other flowers & trees!

National Civil War Museum, Harrisburg PA

We finally made the trip with the kids to the Ntl Civil War Museum in Harrisburg this week.  It was a fantastic place, filled top to bottom with amazing artifacts, captivating videos & scavenger hunts for each age level so they could really dig deep & absorb way more information then they would by just touring the museum.  Highly recommend it to anyone, its just a two hour type museum even with the scavenger hunts, and close enough that you could enjoy Gettysburg & this in the same weekend easily.

Snow Geese

Every Feb/March the snow geese come in droves to hang out at the lake near where we live.  It is an annual hike to go see them up close...this year we were treated to having my little sister & her family, as well as my sister in law & neice, dad & brothers hike out with us!