Saturday, September 19, 2009

Football hits the Fan

Its fall...the cool temps have claimed the air & we are reveling in FOOTBALL...we have always enjoyed watching PSU & ND but this year we have officially turned a page with no returning...when Dawson played midget ball a few years ago down in Virginia, we knew 10 min. into it this was NOT his thing, despite his size & love of throwing the ball. He just simply does not like hitting people, he's much more a "fixer". I blame it on his being a first born & needing to help take care of me & the twins so much as a young toddler. Life is so unfair.

We signed up Hunter, our second son, for midget ball this past June, took him to a couple flag football games on sunday nights, then started practice for "real" the last week of July. Yeah, like Dawson, we had our answer w/in the first 10 min. This boy SHONE in pure joy & love...pray I do not see that about a girl till he's at least 25!!! Anyways, after 4 day a week practices for 2 1/2 - 3 hrs each day, we passed through August & at the beginning of Sept, Labor Day weekend, we began what we know now will be a lifetime, parking our rears on those hard bleachers, and jumping up & down cheering on our son.

I realize I am biased, I'm his mom for pete's sake, but my boy ROCKS!!!!!!!!! The coach told hubby Thurs. night after practice that Hunter is an amazing "all around" player, and while they don't want to overwhelm him with positions, they are going to push him to learn & play well anywhere & everywhere on the field. This is fine by us, except we really prefer he actually touches the ball at some point during the week if he will be playing any of the 3 running back positions in the game...I know, crazy mom...

So, as I sit here watching Penn State take on "temple" (hate early season crap games, no offense to all you temple fans), I am anxiously waiting for 2pm to roll around so I can pack up our crew of loud, screaming, yelling, cheering big mouths (MUST get that from their daddy!) and one nervous Hunter for a great game against E-town this aft.
If you haven't been able to tell, I am one insanely PROUD mom...