Friday, July 3, 2009

where does the time go?

one day they are babies & you are swimming in diapers, nukies & blink and they are now all in school, busy little bodies who know not what sleep is, laundry piled up high full of grass stains, dirt, & stinky sweat...i'm a bit scared to blink again!

we are settled into a fabulous farmhouse now, school for the year put behind us, summer stretched out in all its glory before us. The kids have already enjoyed dance at the library, two weeks of swimming lessons & tennis lessons, camping at the beach, and riding camp @ the barn. This weekend is a pretty big deal as it is not only the 4th of july, but it is also Aunt Kristi's birthday & for once, she has not fled the country and we are throwing her a party! I am particularly excited as it has been 15 years since I have been able to honor her on her bday in person.

i have been struggling with not feeling well a lot lately. part of it i think is my heart & not having the correct pacer in...but no insurance & still waiting for the letter of acceptance or refusal from the state is draining. Iknow that God is asking me to trust Him, to be patient & to let Him have all my fears & frustrations. Just because I know this doesn't always make the days easier as it needs to get from my head to the rest of me! But each minute of each day is new & I just have to keep trying to let Him have the whole miserable mess.

I posted a few recipes to the FB page, but I will work on transferring them over to here. We have changed our diet a lot in the last several weeks to mostly all raw, so the recipes won't be as appealing to some...on a side note, i did make 3 kinds of jam for the first time ever & was shocked at how easy it was! Our shelves are stocked with Spicy Plum, Blueberry, & Seedless Black Raspberry Jams. We are hopeful to try canning Salsa & Tomato Sauce, Pickles & possibly some peas later this fall. Our garden is turning out delicious amounts of food & we are very excited to get to eat the organic fresh veggies for a change!!