Monday, January 12, 2009

New Year...Old News

It's a new year...2009...with our pictures tossed up on the site, facebook in high gear, I have finally bit the bullet and gotten a blog for the crew. Mostly for those who love to hear of our wild tales, see recipes posted that we have attempted, and just get to "see" in grand form how incredibly "normal" we are!
Yes, I homeschool all four kids...ok, I has turned in we lately, but you get the picture! It's a lot, honestly. Our oldest is extremely independent and gifted in areas, so while it is nice that he runs off with his work and blows through everything I can get into his hands, that is also a frustration for me as his teacher. I feel like I can barely keep up with him most of the time. Maybe if he was the only one I had, I could then really soak it up and enjoy it with him, but he is far from the only one. Our twins, b/g, are quite normal in all sense of the word. They may be in third grade, math in fourth, but they require great amounts of my time and attention. Our son struggles with itchies and gets overwhelmed just from the sight of a page of work if there is too much on it. He starts twitching when the word read or book enters a sentence and has panic attacks in his eyes when I say big project. His sister on the other hand, does quite well and enjoys school, though she requires help a bit more then I am used to with the oldest. The youngest is a peach. She is just like her big brother and at the freshly turned age of 5, she is reading with help, doing first grade math and phonics and systematically blowing through all I put in front of her with a fierceness that I fear will overtake her older siblings and leave them in her dust. Oh the joy that will be...but we will go there when the day comes and definitely try hard not to focus on it. Overall, school is wonderful and we have really enjoyed working together, traveling and sightseeing together and just learning about how God has created and designed this amazing world we live in.
Who are the Roth's? Well....we're a is a hard working carpentry king who can and does build anything you can possibly live in! He has progressed into building what are called "live/works" They have 3 or more levels, the bottom being a store front, the top two or more being the home...very creative but very old in design, but a nice new touch to the world of new construction. We have lived in Arizona, Pennsylvania & Virginia courtesy of work...and visited Indiana, New Jersey, Maryland and New York. We go where the work is right now. That part is hard, the constant moving/traveling, but we are incredibly thankful for the work that God give us, the provisions the work allows us and the chance to get to see and do so many neat things because we move/traveling so much. We have four amazing children. Our oldest is 10, the boy/girl twins are soon to be 9, our youngest peach is 5. All love being outdoors, hiking, camping, fishing, playing soccer, swimming, riding horses and playing games together. We are truely blessed that they play so well together, love each other so much and generally get along. The boys are strong military supporters. They live to get to go to the Marine Museum in Virginia, or any post we can get on. The girls love painting their nails, wearing beautiful dresses and playing barbies together. That leaves me...I'm the nut that my sweet love claims keeps us all together and going strong...I think he needs the clarity you get from a pot of coffee, but I do love him so!! We have been married for 13 1/2 years and each day is a true blessing to me. ´╝ęcan not begin to imagine how horrible my life would be if I didn't have this truly amazing and wonderful man as my husband!! He sticks with me through thick and and misery...just over 7 years ago they needed to put a pacemaker in and its been a rough ride ever since...but never once has he faltered in how deep his love and acceptance is of me regardless of how frustrated I have been with the lows I have had to go through in adjusting and dealing with the illness' that have followed.
So there you have it! Our grand introduction and the beginning of a new year of fun and insight into the wild and sometimes crazy roth family!
I look forward to sharing our experiences with you, the joys and frustrations of being mom to four kids with so many opinions, our trips, travels and moves. It's never dull around here, that is one thing you most certainly can take to the bank!
Good night and we'll see ya in dawns early light tomorrow when breakfast is hot on the griddle, coffee is brewing and the books are being cracked open!